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Cre8tive Collective VR - Free Beta

Cre8tive Collective VR - Free Beta




Cre8tive Collective VR will help power young artists to bring their inner world into VR. Our team has developed an immersive environment designed to give users the perception of visiting activity rooms of a multi-functioning creative arts studio! We are introducing a full-fledge platform for our world's future visionaries to learn, explore and collaborate with peers. With a familiar navigation-by-tablet interface, students can safely explore our creative "Metaverse" and develop a unique digital identity that will expand their creative horizons. The beta gives users the chance to experience our first available VR room, for aspiring musicians! Check out the vision for the full platform HERE.


Install the free beta of Cre8tive Collective VR onto your PC and connect your Steam VR headset to play! Feedback of your experience is valued and accepted via the “Contact Us” page.

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