Point in Time Studios

VR allows people to experience the world like they never have before. You can paint in mid-air, stand on top of a waterfall, travel from Machu Picchu to Venice beach in an instant, and even go to an open house right from your living room. Virtual reality has opened up a new world, full of endless excitement and opportunities.

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4Experience VR Studio

In this time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, virtual reality has become a handy tool. Meetings can be held digitally without the need for people to gather together in a conference room. A simulated environment can be created with the appropriate software, so the health of everyone is taken care of. It also helps to reduce the stress of moving from one location to another.

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MIT Integrated Design and Management

VR is an emerging technology that immerses a user into an alternate environment with the ability to make its users feel more involved, absorbed, engaged and engrossed. Participants that used the VR system reported being less socially isolated, being less likely to show signs of depression, experiencing positive affects more frequently, and feeling better about their overall well-being.

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