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Cre8tive Collective is an artist collective on a mission to provide a supportive and motivating space for ALL creatives. As one of our members, you will gain the opportunity to network with other creative artists via our online members-only portal and forum. Build your member profile, create posts, share announcements and make a connection today! From dance, to music, to acting, to writing, to painting, to photography.. we offer it all here, just for you. And we have BIG plans in store for the future! As a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, our dream of locating a physical studio home has transformed into curating a virtual experience that anyone, anywhere can join with the introduction of our developing platform, Cre8tive Collective VR. Check out the video below for more details on what we are planning!  

We want to bring you an experience, like no other.

Visit the "Cre8tive Hub" page of our website to view virtual tours of our developing Metaverse!

Our hope is that our progressive virtual creative arts studio will help inspire and motivate those who have minimal or no access to resources, who may struggle with social anxiety, or who just simply needs a space that encourages their creativity to grow. The design of each virtual suite is tailored to a creative niche, with interactive activities to encourage every user to develop their overall creative confidence, identity and presence. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work and we would love your support in making our VR platform a reality! Feel free to browse through our site and if you are inspired by what you see, tell a friend to tell a friend to support the vision! Please click HERE to access our public crowdfunding campaign hosted through IFundWomen.


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